Bamboli Commission

TOS & Info

I Will Draw

TLDR: Any kind of character :)
( I prefer drawing non-humans! )
Aliens, Monsters, Angels & Demons, Animals, Anthros, Humans / Humanoids
Weapons, Armor, Gore/Blood, Naturally Censored Nudity or Artistic Nudity

I Will Not Draw

Copyrighted content ( That you do not own the rights to. )
Hateful content promoting racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.
I will also not draw political works unless they are for something completely fictional.
Explicit NSFW content: sexual intercourse, kinks, aroused/open genitalia, etc.


Payment is upfront.
USD only, strictly through PayPal.
Notice: I do not give refunds.
Payments currently go to my

Extra Note: Payments currently go to my family member's PayPal!
I will get around to having my own account... Eventually :'D


I will show you the cleaned up sketch when it is finished.
You will have the opportunity to change parts of the sketch 3 times free of charge.
Make sure to tell me everything I would need to change.
I will not charge for very minor tweaks in the sketch phase.

Commissioning Info

Delivery time is 1 month at most.
I will give updates if I end up taking a while.
Send as many reference images as you want.
Give me as much information about what you want before I start.
Share as much info about the character as you want to.
I have the right to refuse any commission I am unable to take or are uncomfortable with taking.

Art Piece Info

Do not repost, trace, or copy my art.
Artworks can be uploaded to character sites such as ToyHouse. Credit my ToyHouse: Bamboli
You may use the art as a PFP, background, or any other personal things such as printing them out for wall art.
You may add text, overlays, or crop the art as long as you credit me, but do not crop out my signature.

© Bamboli. All rights reserved.